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Looking for owner

UPDATE: our animal loving friend who has taken him In tonight gave him a bath, he is well fed and he is a very happy camper. Snuggled in bed with her daughter, he gets along with her two resident dogs and appears potty trained. He is very tired and may have been lost for a little while but he is not thin his weight is good.

Please share ASAP!!!

The finders of this sweet male dog just contacted me for help they found this dog at Frankford and Rhawn avenues in Northeast Philadelphia. This is the collar he had on FINDER TOOK HIM TO THE VET TODAY TOO no chip. The finders cannot keep the dog (until the owner is hopefully found) as the apartments dont allow dogs, so I am trying to find a rescue who can take it in tonight. In the meantime can everybody please share this and see if we can find the rightful owner they said the dog is obviously somebody’s pet and well taken care of

...but I do see the dog has cherry eyes 😒 and his nails are awful so he needs attention

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